February 27, 1991

President Bush speaks by phone with British Prime Minister John Major during a meeting with Sec. Dick Cheney, General Colon Powell (speaks by phone with General Norman Schwarzkopf for a status report on the war with Iraq), General Scowcroft, Governor Sununu, and Robert Gates, Oval Office, White House.

February 24, 1991

President Bush participates in a briefing on the progress of the ground war with Iraq in his residence office. General Colin Powell points out areas on two maps of the Middle East. Also present are: Secretary Cheney, Robert Gates, Secretary Baker, Governor Sununu, Vice President Quayle, General Scowcroft, Lawrence Eagleburger, and Marlin Fitzwater. 24 Feb 91

February 22, 1991

President Bush has discussions with his staff (Gov. Sununu, VP Quayle, Sec. Cheney, Robert Gates, and Sec. Baker) before announcing a 24-hour deadline for Iraq to withdraw from Kuwait in response to the Soviet Peace Proposal to Iraq.

February 21, 1991

President Bush meets with General Scowcroft, Governor Sununu, Robert Gates, General Powell, Secretary Baker, Marlin Fitzwater, Vice President Quayle, Richard Haas and Secretary Cheney in the residence office to discuss the United States response to the Soviet peace plan with Iraq.